See How One of The Blacksmith Fitness Bikini Competitors Overcame Adversity and Made it on Stage For Her First Show

Ushna’s road to the stage was anything but easy or typical. Ushna originally came to see me after 7 months of being unable to train due to an impingement pain in her lower back, SI joint, and shoulder capsule from poor movement mechanics and compensation patterns. The first month and half was spent on drills ranging from breathing mechanics to muscle activation drills and using various activated neuromuscular techniques to calm overactive muscles while adding in whatever training we could that wouldn’t aggrevate her symptoms; however, very little training at this time could diverted towards types of exercise that worked towards her goals of getting on stage for her first competition. Over the next few months as Ushna started to improve drastically to the point where Ushna wanted to train for a competition, and Ushna was able to add over 12lbs of muscle to her frame, but here were the challenges we still faced:

  • Abdominals were still too weak to allow the combination of axial and compressive forces to allow for enough load to cause the musculature of the legs to adapt:
    • No squats, deadlifts, barbell lunges or any exercise involving a loaded barbell on the back
  • Obliques and glute medius were too weak/lacked the proprioceptive control to handle many explosive movements
    • No sprinting, kettlebell swings, barbell or dumbbell complexes, or jump training – many high intensity interval methods were unavailable, leaving us the recumbent bike to do the majority of her cardio/interval work
  • Anteriorly tilting the pelvis caused impingement pain in the SI joint and lumbar spine:
    • Very limited selection of exercises to work the glutes and hamstrings

And we had 8 weeks total to get her ready for the last show of the year, so we got in touch with Adwin Krishna to help with what was going to be an incredibly tough transformation to get on stage. So with 2 coaches and 8 weeks we started to prepare and we got underway.

The challenges didn’t end there, she got out to a great start with the fat loss; however, Ushna made an honest mistake and was missing one of her meals for 3 weeks, causing her metabolism to come crashing to a halt and fighting her efforts every step of the way, so with only 4 weeks out this was how she was looking


At this point both Adwin and I talked for hours about how we could save this competition prep and still have Ushna get up on stage and deliver a physique that she could be proud of, and it really came down to one thing – it was going to take perfection and all the combined tricks we had up our sleeves, but most importantly, Ushna was going to have to work insanely hard and smart through the next 4 weeks. I can’t say how proud I am of Ushna for how hard she worked over the next 3 weeks, and her dedication to her diet, supplementation, water, everything we asked her to do, she nailed; however, Ushna was thrown one last curveball. 9 days out from her competition she was badly rear-ended and spent the day in the hospital.

For most people that would be it, it was already a short prep, 4 weeks of the diet had been mishandled, she was already battling two injuries and now she had to add whiplash and soft tissue injuries to the back, neck, and shoulders from a car crash to the list. She lost 3 very important days of training to the car crash, and our limited exercise list just shrunk to less than half, and you know what Ushna did? She rose to the occasion, kicked ass, and did everything in her power to present her best on stage.

So here’s the difference 4 weeks and car crash made:


Again I can’t say how proud I am of Ushna and all her hard work; she didn’t win, but I guarantee that she outworked many of the girls who placed in front of her, and now we have until March until she competes again – This time we’ll have a full exercise list, a full length prep, and *fingers crossed* no more car accidents. I’m really excited for her next show and I know you guys are going to be blown away!

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